20 Best Jobs for $40 an Hour

 This article will look at the top 20 jobs paying forty dollars an hour until you're tired.

Many full-time workers who make hundreds of dollars at the end of the month or week believe they are earning enough, and yet, they earn only $5 an hour when their work hours are systematically divided.

20 Best Jobs for $40 an Hour

Benefits of Jobs That Pay $40 an Hour

The reward for working hard is a decent income. If you find that you're not earning the amount you should be earning as a full-time worker, consider taking on an hour-long job as the bills won't be paid for.

What the benefits of jobs that pay an hourly wage of $40 are?

  • Time flexibility, the flexibility to work on your schedule.
  • No age limit jobs aren't limited to a specific age category.
  • High-paying jobs- you get paid between $40 and $50 per hour for your work.
  • Family time is more enjoyable at no cost.
  • No stress and no monthly goals.

How Much is $40 a Year per Hour?

Research shows that an average American is employed for 44 hours a week and 8.8 hours per day. Based on the above statistics, a wage of 40 dollars an hour would be $352 per day, $1,760 per week or $7,040 per month, and for an entire year, around $84,480.

This equation is based on how many hours you work during a day or week and even in a month.

As you can see in the graph, the amount the majority of part-time workers earn yearly is more significant than the average wage for full-time employees.

What Jobs Pay $40 an Hour?

Flexible part-time jobs provide a substantial amount of money and allow you to focus on other tasks.

A few earn between $30 and $40 per hour, even though studies conducted by Payscale have found that the most common hourly pay within the U.S is $16 an hour.

Let's look through the part-time job list and pay about $40 per hour or higher without further discussion.

. Freelance Writer

Writing for freelance is among the highest-paying online jobs of the present that pays 40 dollars an hour or more.

There are numerous freelance websites on which you can find writing assignments from various businesses looking to hire talented writers.

If you want to have a shot at finding work as a freelance writer, try to develop the ability to write and communicate effectively in addition to the effectiveness of laptops and computers.

With the required skills, If you have all the necessary skills, you'll earn between $30-$40 for each article you write as an amateur and $100 or $1500 as a professional.

Other sites offer writing jobs; Upwork.com and Fiverr are the top two to look for.

. Makeup Artist

Another part-time opportunity paying the most money is to become a makeup artist. You could be paid per hour or person for this work and still be paid well.

Based on the United States Bureau of Labor, the makeup artist is evolving into the highest-paying career in cosmetology.

In the beginning, all you need to do is be able to apply makeup properly for a perfect result.

To be considered a professional, obtaining a certification from a cosmetology college is recommended.


Since academics are the primary goal in the 21st century, tutors have always been sought-after because they assist students in achieving academic excellence at the college level and even during college.

Students and parents must pay upwards of $40 for excellent grades. The pay rate is hourly, and one of the main requirements for this position is your ability to maintain a good record of scores and vital communication skills.

On average, you are an average of $30-$100 per hour, based on your abilities.

. Translator/Interpreter

The job of an interpreter or translator is an opportunity to earn money as a part-time job. Companies with international offices employ translators directly or through third-party agencies to help with translation.

As a prerequisite, you must be fluent in at least one other language than the primary language, with reasonable syntax and grammar.

Based on the job being performed, you'll be the equivalent of $40-$50 per hour for your work as a translator.

. Bartender

Bartending jobs can be lucrative on weekends for those who want part-time work.

Earnings range from $10 to $75, based on the type of customer and the bar you manage. To begin, you'll need to complete a course in mixology or bartending. You must also have to be at least 21 years of age.

. Massage Therapist

Massages are essential to relieve tension and ease the pressure from our daily routines. Massages are among the essential elements of living a healthy and happy life.

This is why there is a rise in the demand for massage therapists, and another way to make a good income is by working part-time.

The essential requirement is an apologetics certificate or anatomy and other related courses.

A skilled massage therapist earns around $60 an hour, and their job is primarily contingent on appointments.

. Personal Trainer

If you're an expert sportsperson or love exercising, taking on the role of a trainer could be an ideal choice.

Personal trainers typically work with their clients to design an exercise program and training to meet their specific needs.

They ensure that their client can carry out the task to meet their objectives. They typically earn between $40-$50 per hour.

. Dog Walker

The job of a dog walker can be considered a snub; however, it's one of those parts which pay very well.

Alongside earning additional cash, it is beneficial to your body through the walks you go on with your dog.

When you are a pet walker, you can take care of someone else's pet when they go on vacation or are too busy.

You'll earn 15 to $50 per hour. If owners remain longer, you can cost 300 per week.

To be considered an expert, you must complete an education course to understand and understand the behavior of animals and dogs.

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