9 Passive income ideas that make $1000 per month

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on many of us. There have been several layoffs that left people unhappy and in debt. We've seen an increasing number of people searching for another source of revenue. 

If you're one of them, you've won a lottery -777. Today we will look at the nine income streams that can earn $1000 per month.

9 Passive income ideas that make $1000 per month

1. Start YouTube channels

Yeah right. I'm sure. You've probably heard about it on numerous YouTube videos or blogs, but it's a fact. YouTube is a highly profitable way to earn $1,000 per month. You earn money through YouTube through advertising revenue(those ads that play before the video starts playing) and brand deals, and affiliate hyperlinks. 

For $1,000 per month from YouTube, it is necessary to have at least 100 000 views, assuming that youtube pays you $7 per 1,000 views. But, the most effective way to make sure you create a sustainable business from YouTube is to stay in an area of expertise and post videos at least once a week for a year or more. I'm sure that you'll successfully attract a following that your channel can monetize.

2. Establish a website for members

It's a site where you can put up exclusive content users are willing to sign up to. It is possible to give users the chance to try your content, but to receive exclusive content, they'll need to be able to afford a month-long cost. The cost of your membership will be contingent on the content you're providing. The most affordable price for memberships is typically about $5 per month, while those with higher prices can cost around a few hundred dollars.

If you have a simple website that offers low-quality content to customers, you may be able to charge $10 per month. You would require 100 users to earn $1000 per month if you offer premium content that you are charging $100 per month. In the other direction, you'll require ten users to earn one thousand dollars monthly.

The most significant benefit of membership websites is that you need to publish content once, and your monthly earnings will continue to recur. A majority of these platforms change or add new content each month.

3. Write an eBook

Writing a book is one of the most effective methods to earn a passive income. However, not all of us enjoy writing. Publishing a book can create a passive income stream. The majority of authors who write books get royalties on an average of $5 for each copy sold. 

Therefore, to earn $1000 per month, you'll have at least 200 sales to achieve $1000 for the month.

4. Design an opportunity to generate leads

It is an advertising website that promotes products and services offered by other businesses. You must drive visitors to a site that offers an item or service you promote in exchange for a lease from the business you drive traffic to. 

You must be knowledgeable about digital marketing to ensure that you can direct excellent traffic to your site. Leads are charged at a rate of $5 per lead. To earn $1,000 per month, you'll have to offer 200 leads. 

The amount you pay for leads usually depends on the product or service the business sells. Certain companies pay more for leads if their product or service is more than others.

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5. Join the Amazon affiliate program

I'm sure you've been aware of Amazon.com and that you frequently buy from it. Millions and millions of customers purchase products from Amazon, and you can earn an income by recommending their products to others. 

All you need to do is join the Amazon associates, receive the links to products you like, and then recommend them to those who may benefit from them. You'll receive a commission on each successful purchase made of the product. 

The average earnings range from 4to 8 per cent of the purchase cost. The more sales you sell or clients you refer to, the more commission you earn.

6. Market an affiliate with a niche

This means that you are focusing on promoting just one product, usually an electronic product, for example, software or the course. Today, with digital products, you typically earn 50% of the commission for the successful sale of a product.

If we used 50 dollars for an item selling at $100, you'd require 20 sales per month to achieve $1000 every month. It is easy to create an audience via YouTube or Instagram or by creating email lists and putting together paid ads to get people to your website.

7.  Make an online course

This is where you can share your information or expertise and offer them as content for a course. You can sell it on your site, where you'll need to create your traffic or sell it through other websites, such as where you're usually able to offer a lower price for the course. It is possible to charge between $10 and 100 for your courses, based on the content of your course and what is needed. If you are selling your course through your website, you'll cost between $100-and $5000, and the sales will be correlated with the way you promote your course.

If you decide to sell your course on the internet, you'll make between $5 and $100 for each course sold. If you make $10 per sale, you'll need to earn 100 sales every month to make $1000. The way to market your course on uDemy is entirely different from advertising the course on Google. Within uDemy, you should consider optimizing your search engine (SEO) to ensure that your course is ranked well within uDemy.

8. Invest in real estate

Another method to earn passive income is investing in real estate, specifically rental property. Based on your area, the monthly average income earned from real estate is $1000-$2500 per unit. 

If you were to have this average, you'd have to own four units to earn $1000 per month. You may think the earlier ideas are excellent investments than making money from real estate, so you'd prefer to stick with them and not invest in real estate. 

You are likely right because there are risks with real estate investments. One benefit of real estate is that you could build an equity stake in an asset that increases in value.

9. Renting the rooms in your home

It is possible to do this through websites like Airbnb, among others. You can charge between $25 and $200 per night, based on your area. 

If you rent out rooms for a whopping $50 per night, you'd have to lease the space for at least 20 nights to reach the $1000 monthly goal. This is an excellent chance if you have some additional space in your house that you do not require or don't require.