Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners (2022)

Foreigners looking for work in Canada should be aware of the many unskilled jobs in Canada for foreigners that are available

These jobs are available in many industries, including construction, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Employers are more inclined to hire foreign workers than Canadians because they believe they are more reliable. Professional recruiters say that Canada currently has an acute shortage of job openings.

Most of the job shortages are in skilled positions. Many jobs are available in certain fields, including 38,000 construction jobs and 45,900 hospitality jobs. There are also thousands of driving opportunities, such as Canadian truck drivers or taxi drivers.

Unskilled Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

The Canadian government has created jobs for non-skilled workers because of the urgent need for workers.

One advantage is that the median annual salary for workers who aren't skilled is higher than the minimum wage of $20,000 per annum.

The Canadian government has a plan to hire immigrants to fill vacant jobs.

These are great opportunities because Canadians aren't sought-after for these jobs.

Because the Express Entry Canada system interacts with the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Program, there provides an opportunity for unskilled/semi-skilled workers to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program. Some education is required for class immigration routes.

How to Get Unskilled Jobs In Canada For Foreigners?

Any business looking for untrained workers can accept a citizen or permanent resident as a candidate for a job. You can apply for an immigrating visa as an employee from another country if you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

You must complete both the Canadian non-skilled visa process and the immigration process. This process can take up to five years.

While you wait, ensure that you have completed all prerequisites and earned enough points to qualify.

You must also provide a bank statement to prove that you have the minimum financial standing.

However, let's say that a Canadian company is seeking to hire foreign workers who have work permits. It must show that they have used every avenue to find the right Canadian for the job.

Also, the company must demonstrate an insufficient supply of workers that are skilled in Canada but are capable of loading the job.

For workers who are not skilled or trained and looking for a job in Canada, you might also consider applying for the Temporary foreign worker program.

This program allows foreigners to work and live in Canada for a short period, usually two years.

Immigrants may also apply for additional work permits during this period or extend their existing work permits.

Important to remember that this process depends entirely on the employer and the job offer being offered to workers.

Candidate must:

  • Do you have a formal letter describing the job offer received from a Canadian employer?
  • Do you have the authority to approve the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?
  • Tell the immigration officer that you are temporarily in Canada. You will leave Canada at the end of the period you signed up to work.
  • You should ensure that you have all documents necessary to meet the position's requirements.
  • These could include your work experience before the interview, job-specific education (2 years max), and academic specifications (usually the high school graduation certificate).
  • I have not been convicted of any crime.
  • You should be fit and healthy.
  • Make sure you have English and French versions of the documents you use.
  • Demonstrate that you are not a threat to national security.
  • You must show proof that you have enough money to live in Canada.

Your employer is responsible in the following areas:

  1. Application for an LMIA
  2. The flight ticket must be paid (arrival and return fees).
  3. We can help you find the right and most affordable lodging
  4. Temporary coverage for medical insurance
  5. Registering for an insurance plan to ensure workplace safety in the province Plan


While some jobs require skilled workers in Canada, most of the jobs available are not for foreigners.

Canadians will need to be able to perform unskilled work or have high-demand skills.

Canada is not the right place for those who lack the skills or are unwilling to do grunt work.