How to Apply for a Human Resources Manager Position in Canada

 If you're a foreigner who is looking to become an HR manager in Canada You've arrived at the right spot. This article was designed to aid you in understanding the procedures that are required to achieve your goals.

Due to the huge demand for Human Resource Managers in Canada It is possible to apply to the Canadian Immigration program of the government as a manager of human resources who wants to relocate to Canada.

The list of targeted occupations commonly referred to in"the NOC list, is now populated with human resource management (National Occupation Code List). 0112 code is that is used by foreigners who are interested in working as human resource management in Canada.

How to Apply for a Human Resources Manager Position in Canada

Therefore If you'd like to be a human resource manager in Canada the only thing you need to do is to ensure that you meet all the requirements laid out within this post.

This article provides all the essential information that will aid you in your pursuit to become a Human Resources supervisor in Canada. Learn about the tasks HR professionals do and their job descriptions, as well as the different steps and routes that are involved in obtaining a visa to Canada and the primary tasks of a manager.

What does a human resource manager do?

Human resource managers are responsible for organizing, planning, managing and evaluating an organisation's personnel and human resources departments.

They also develop and implement policies and procedures as well as programs that deal with the human resource planning process, including recruitment, collective bargaining as well as training and development classification of occupations, as well as management of pay and benefits.

Management representatives participate in various committees that work together to ensure the relationships between the employees and management is solid.

They are mostly employed in the public and business sectors.

Job descriptions for Human resources manager , NOC 0112

Human Resource Managers who want to be employed within Canada under the NOC category 0112 can be employed in the following titles for jobs:

  • classification and compensation chief
  • human resources development director
  • employee benefits director
  • benefits manager
  • vocational training director – human resources
  • pensions and benefits manager
  • pay-processing division director – government services
  • training chief
  • wage and salary administration manager
  • personnel administration manager
  • disability management program manager
  • employment manager
  • labour relations director
  • health and safety co-ordinator
  • staff training and development manager
  • pay and benefits manager
  • official languages manager
  • occupational training director – human resources
  • training and development manager
  • employer-employee relations manager
  • industrial relations manager
  • employee benefits manager
  • occupational health and safety manager
  • employment equity chief
  • personnel chief
  • human resources development and planning director
  • employment equity director – human resources
  • occupational health and safety director
  • compensation manager
  • personnel services director
  • salary research and administration manager
  • employment equity manager – human resources
  • personnel training and development manager
  • human resources director
  • recruiting manager
  • job evaluation and salary research manager
  • staffing chief
  • resources 
  • language training director
  • personnel director
  • labour relations manager
  • human resources management director
  • human administrator
  • staff training and development chief
  • official languages chief
  • chief safety officer – occupational health and safety
  • staff training co-ordinator
  • pay services director – human resources
  • human resources manager
  • personnel manager
  • pay and benefits director
  • human resources planning manager
  • staff relations manager
  • personnel and industrial relations director
  • recruiting director
  • personnel services manager
  • staff relations chief
  • employment equity manager – human resources

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The main duties of a human resource manager

Human resource managers are accountable for all or a portion of the following duties:

  • Human resources or personnel departments must plan, organize, direct, control, and assess their operations.
  • In collaboration with other departmental managers, plan human resource requirements.
  • Organize and coordinate internal and external training and recruitment efforts.
  • Create and implement labor-management policies and processes, as well as negotiate collective bargaining agreements.
  • Manage programs for personnel development, language training, and health and safety.
  • Provide advice and assistance to other departmental managers about the interpretation and implementation of personnel policies and initiatives.
  • Ensure that vocations are classified and rated correctly.
  • Participate actively in various joint committees and organize and conduct employee information meetings on employment policy, benefits, and remuneration.
  • Oversee the company's quality management program.
  • Ensure that laws such as the Pay Equity Act are followed.

The requirements to move to Canada for a position as a human resources manager

Anyone who wants to be human resource managers working in Canada should meet a variety of fundamental and specific requirements.

General requirements for working in Canada

If you are planning to move into Canada for work you must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Language requirements
  • Your partner’s ability
  • Age requirements
  • Work experience
  • Education requirements
  • Adaptability
  • Arranged employment

#1: Language

You have to prove that you have an active understanding about Canadian culture. Canadian language in the fields of writing, speaking reading, listening, and writing for the purpose of allowing you to enter Canada as an employee. In order to prove this, you'll need to pass an exam to prove that. This test is available both in English as well as French.

#2: The ability of your partner or abilities

The spouse's professional experience, abilities in the field of language, age may also assist you to move in Canada to work as a human resource manager. In the end If your spouse has worked or resided in Canada then you stand a more chances.

#3 Age requirements

Another thing to be considered when making a decision on whether or not to migrate to Canada as an employee is the age. People who work who work in Canada must have at least 18 years older.

In the end it is necessary to be at an age that you are able to move to Canada for work. In Canada the requirements for employees are at the age of 18. Employers are able to employ children under the age of 18 in rare instances under the authority by Canadian authorities.

#4: Work experience

Your work experience can be an important factor in deciding whether or how to relocate to Canada. Therefore, you may be eligible for the Canada experience course if you have the required working experience. Other programs are also available are also available.

#5: Education requirements

To be able to work in Canada to work in Canada, you must have completed an upper secondary school. This means you must finish your high school education to be able to work in Canada. Certain jobs require a college or university degree.

#6: Adaptability

You might not be eligible for employment in Canada If you're unable to adjust to the work or weather. In this case you will need to submit an official medical certificate that proves you are medically competent for work Canada.

#7: Arranged employment

It is possible to immigrate into Canada in the capacity of a working in the event that you are offered a legitimate job offer that is an arrangement for by the employer. But, you have to be able to meet specific job requirements.

Certain requirements for obtaining a visa to Canada for a position as a human resource manager

Express Entry

In Canada There are three options for express entry in Canada. They are:

  • Federal program for skilled trades.
  • Canada experience class
  • Program for Federally skilled workers

Therefore you are able to use one of them when applying for a job position as an HR director in Canada. However, you must choose a job for which you meet the eligibility requirements.

This is due to the fact that the CRS scores you earn will be used to assess your performance. Therefore, prior to choosing a program study all that you could about the program, including the criteria of the program.

2. Job Offer

As a manager of human resources This is the fastest method to move to Canada. But, first, you need to get a valid job offer from the Canadian company.

Furthermore, prior to hiring, the company has to be able to obtain a certification that is issued by the Labour Market Impact Assessment.

3: Provincial Nominee Program

A provincial nominee program is in place in all provinces of Canada. The immigrants can live and work in a specific province as part of this arrangement. In the end, you are able to choose to migrate into Canada for the position of human resource manager with the PNP.

4: Jobs that are in high demand

Human resource manager is a job that is in high demand. It can also be used for a visa to Canada when you reside in Canada.

The steps to migrate to Canada for the position of human resources manager

Step 1. Express entry

In the first place, you need to create the Express entry program effectively move into Canada for the position of human resource manager. Express Entry is the point at which the actual work starts; it's not the end of your immigration process.

You need to create the best possibility of an Express Entry profile by meeting the Canadian immigration requirements, which will give you those crucial Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

Step 2 : Select a program

In the second step, you need to select the right program to meet your needs. Therefore you should determine if you're eligible to participate in the program. These are some examples of programs available:

  • Quebec programme for the skilled worker
  • Canada Experience Class
  • Program for Federally skilled workers
  • Provincial Nominee Programs

Step 3 : Receive an offer of employment from an Canadian employer

You'll now get an offer to work from an Canadian company at this point. As a human resource manager is a possibility to move to Canada with a valid job offer.

So, the acceptance of an offer of employment is essential in order to make your job search run smoothly. In order to be employed you must be able to meet the minimum requirements.

Step 4: Receive an invitation to submit an application (ITA)

You will be invited to submit your application in the event that you are among the applicants who have been selected. Now is the time to apply for the position of HR Manager in Canada through this invitation.

Only those who have a high CRS rating will be eligible to apply.

Step 5: Submit your application along with the additional documents

You will only have 60 days from the moment you receive an invitation to to to IRCC. Your slot will be revoked in the event that you fail to meet the requirements.

In the end, when you start the process of obtaining your immigration visa it is time to begin creating your documentation. All paperwork will be completed in this way.

Furthermore, you have to send the application with the CAD 150 application cost.

Step 6 : Apply for your work permit

The next step is to get the permit to work. However, you will only be notified that your permit is approved.

The process is expected to be completed in 28 days, giving you time to start planning your plans for moving to Canada. If you don't receive this notification, it indicates that your application is incomplete or the information on your application is not correct. Therefore, be sure that you submit all necessary documents.


We hope this article has provided all the answers to your questions regarding the steps to becoming a Human Resources administrator in Canada.