How to Make Money on TikTok: Complete Guide (2022)

Today, you'll learn how to earn money from TikTok and increase your reach. TikTok can be described as an application that has videos of short length with over around 800 million of users across the globe.

The trend will continue to grow and will provide many opportunities to those looking to earn money. Influencers earn millions of dollars each year, and brands are able to put thousands of dollars on just one blog post.

How to Make Money on TikTok: Complete Guide (2022)

1. Become An Influencer

Influencers are present in every social media platform with thousands of fans. This is also true for TikTok. Influencers earn money because it's practical for many companies to advertise their products through popular social media sites on the web.

TikTok influencers make millions of dollars each year, and there's plenty of opportunity for higher sums in the near future. For instance, Addison Rae Easterling was paid $5 million in the year 2019. Of obviously it's an extreme case, but most influencers make money on a lesser scale. The majority of people who read this article would be content with just a few thousand USD per month however it's possible to make far more.

The good thing is you do not need the status of a celebrity or have thousands of followers in order to be an influential person on TikTok. Companies promote their goods to people who have numerous opportunities to interact through their posts.

Therefore, it's about engaging and maintaining a an excellent connection to your fans. If they believe in you and are willing to try your suggestions, you'll be more likely to make more money as an influencer than those who has millions of fans who aren't interested about their posts.

Locating a niche to concentrate on it alone can be an excellent method of building an engaged following. Your area of expertise could include fitness or beauty, games or business, self-development, an interest and lots other things.

2. Get Donations Via Livestream

It is not possible for every user to access this feature and live on TikTok However, it's worthy of the time and effort. TikTok lets the top developers of its platform the opportunity to live stream and receive donations from other users. 

It's much simpler to live on other platforms since there are certain requirements for TikTok however your following is required to be large enough to generate enough income by using this method in each situation.

If you are live viewers will be able to purchase virtual gifts for you. These gifts are priced at a few coins however, they have to purchase the coins using real money. It's a way to prove that they appreciate the content of their favourite creators and to reward them with rewards. 

Creators can turn their rewards into diamonds, and later exchange the diamonds to cash rewards in their PayPal account or through other payment methods.

The viewer can purchase presents when they are at least 18 years old. This means you don't require very young ages to use this kind of approach, and need to adjust your content to appeal to older audiences.

If you're interested in the idea of being live and receiving gifts from your viewers You must be chosen from TikTok. They usually select people who have quality content, a large number of followers, and lots of engagement. 

You have to continue creating quality content, and growing your following and trying to get the most successful. If you're not qualified to be a live video host You can make use of your accounts to make cash by using other methods in this article.

3. Promote Other People's Products and Earn Commissions

The practice of promoting the products of others and earning commissions on sales is commonly referred to as affiliate marketing. It is all you need is an internet connection and a landing page to market the product. It's an easy option to earn money and is compatible with various platforms.

The most efficient way to start is to identify the product you want to promote first. A lot of affiliate programs on the internet permit you to sign up for free and advertise their products. The affiliate marketer receives an affiliate link to share with other users.

Affiliate marketers earn credit when others purchase something via their hyperlinks. To join some of the most well-known affiliate programs to start you can join Clickbank, Amazon Associates, or ShareASale.

Although you could directly promote affiliate links, it's a much better option to direct your visitors to the sale funnel. It'll include an introductory page that includes your offer, as well as a couple of videos explaining the reasons why people should purchase the product you recommend. You'll then share the sales funnel's URL on your TikTok videos. The sales funnel will handle the rest.

If you're not sure how to build an effective sales funnel, or landing page, you could sign up to The Instapage. It comes with templates designed for affiliate marketing and other companies. These templates can be used to promote your product and you can concentrate on your videos. The advantage in affiliate marketing is you do not need to design an item or service, however you can promote products that are already in the market and earn an income.

4. Flip TikTok Accounts

Many online marketers will flip websites and social media accounts. They begin a new account from scratch create content, then publish it, and increase their following. If they are able to find an interested buyer, they can sell it at profit. Similar to TikTok. 

You create an account and turn it over for a huge profit. You can look for buyers using the account you have created, TikTok Live, and other third-party sites.

But, you must have some kind of plan. If you want other users to pay to use your service, the account has to be able to generate income for them. For example, e-commerce companies will purchase an account within their area to market their offerings. 

Personal accounts aren't able to achieve much results in this manner. However accounts that are focused on a particular subject are more popular and offer greater chances of purchasing related products or services.

If you are creating an account you intend to sell, you must create excellent content from the start and develop a loyal following for your particular niche. This type of follower is more lively and engaged.

If you decide to sell the first account, it'll be easy to replicate the process and develop an enterprise around it. TikTok continues to grow so you can sell TikTok accounts for many years. The earnings potential is contingent on your engagement and following However, many people earn full-time income using this method.

Make Money on TikTok
Make Money on TikTok

5. Becoming a TikTok Consultant

Consultants are those who are skilled in their field and earn money to give advice. Being consultant on TikTok consultant can be a great choice for people who already have an following or made several popular videos. If you're an aspiring user of TikTok is advisable to opt for a different method of starting.

Many businesses pay experts. They're willing to invest an enormous amount of money in order to resolve complex problems using the TikTok strategy. There are various types of consultants that pay different rates, however it is possible to work full-time as a consultant when they have enough clients.

Prior to deciding on this method, you should be able to demonstrate your knowledge. You could make a few amazing videos or help some of your friends set up their accounts. The ideal scenario is to create your own account, but it will take time to build up enough followers.

You can begin your journey to becoming a customer by contacting companies who have established a TikTok account. These can be local companies or companies you find on the internet. A few free-lance platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork Fiverr will help you find clients, but they also have some competitors. Your goal should be to secure your first client, and then do an excellent job.

6. Design An Agency for TikTok Marketing. TikTok Marketing Agency

TikTok advertising agencies assist companies in expanding their user base. While the consultant provides suggestions, the agency will does tasks that are crucial to an effective TikTok plan of action. For instance, they could aid in production of content, manage the account and design TikTok advertising campaigns.

If you're a tech expert or experience using TikTok and TikTok, you'll be able to get a few clients. You can take an education course to understand the fundamentals of Udemy even if you don't have expertise yet. The process of starting an agency is different from working as consultant. It is possible to get an opportunity at a low cost in case you're not certain of your abilities. The clients will want the job completed and their expectations will depend on the price they spend.

It is also possible to start as freelancer. The majority of freelancers work by their own, whereas agencies have teams to manage various tasks. Many freelancers decide to turn their talents into a venture once they see some success.

Making an TikTok account for your agency to attract your first clients is the initial step. Potential clients will be able to check your work, which allows you to test. If you are eager to expand you organic exposure, you could make a few ads to gain your first customer.

7. Find clients for your business

You could offer a service, and you're likely clients are already active on TikTok. You must go out and engage with the people who are interested in your company. It is the same for those who are an TikTok consultant or manage an agency as described in the previous paragraph. TikTok is an excellent platform to meet customers and promote items and products.

The aim of this strategy is to draw users who want to know more about your products or services by providing content. Of course, the content should be relevant to your company and also interesting in the same way. TikTok is an application users download because they are having enjoyable. They don't want boring videos that don't provide value.

TikTok doesn't offer many opportunities to promote advertisements and hyperlinks. They don't want anyone to use their platform for spamming. You can build a landing page to drive traffic which will let you provide additional information about your business as well as provide contact information.

If you're able to master this, you could collaborate with businesses who need leads. They will provide the services and you'll have enjoyable time using TikTok.

8. Start An Influencer Agency

An influencer agency can be an interesting and enjoyable concept, yet it takes an effort as well. Influencer agencies act as middlemen between brands who wish to promote their products and influencers that want to earn more. They negotiate deals with their clients, and they earn an income from every deal.

People who run influencer agencies are able to comprehend the workings of the platform and its creators. They are able to tell whether a creator has done well and also what a business could pay them.

If you're middle-man, your communications skills can enhance or hinder your chances of being successful. Influencers often underestimate their value as businesses do not know what to do to get the most value from their investments. It is your responsibility to assist both parties in forming an successful partnership.

If you are starting with nothing, you should to search TikTok to find creators with an audience that can be a good fit for you. There are a lot of influencers and creators who are eager to earn some cash. Don't be frustrated if you don't wish to join an agency.

An agency need to establish and train a group that works together. They can help you discover more influencers and negotiate collaborate with many brands.

9. Make Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts occurs when you are paid per visit or per article you write. You don't need to be an influencer in order to write sponsored posts. People who do not have a huge following or massive views may discover opportunities to earn extra cash.

Businesses are looking for exposure, therefore they are able to purchase a number of posts at less cost than an expensive influencer. Typically, a sponsored post resembles an advertisement or portion of it can be described as an advertisement. The aim is to drive visitors to the website for the advertiser.

The most efficient method to obtain sponsored posts is to look for other creators who have already used this technique. If you have watched videos that promote the brand or company or service, you can reach out to the same business and suggest them a brand new video for your account. Send them an email that details the person you are, who you're following, your engagement metrics and why you'd like to collaborate with them.

Start with smaller companies and then use them as testimonials in the future to get more lucrative opportunities. You can also look on the internet for sites or forums that permit TikTok makers and companies to connect with sponsors for posts.

10. Make An Online Store

There are many online shops that sell physical goods. If you own a shop or plan to construct your own, TikTok is a fantastic place to draw attention for your business, whether you use ads on it or promote it through your own videos.

Many newbies create stores using Shopify. It's a platform which offers all the tools needed to get started. It comes with templates and pages ready to host your products. Once you've added the products you want to sell in your shop, you are able to market your products via TikTok along with other sites. It is possible to start with a dropshipping-based business model or even sell your own items.

If you decide to start dropshipping, it is essential to locate a retailer or manufacturer willing to deliver the items to you. When people purchase products from your store, they have to fill in their contact information and shipping address. The shipping address is given to the seller who originally sold the product who then delivers the product to the customer. The profit you earn is the difference between the selling cost and the original price.

It doesn't require any major investment, just the tools to start. Start for no cost on Shopify thanks to the free trial. If the product you are selling doesn't sell, you won't make any losses because you've not purchased it. It is possible to remove it from your shop and look for another alternative. This is an easy way to get started since you can start with no cash or products. Shopify provides a variety of tutorials and details about dropshipping to assist you in setting up the first store you open.

It recommends the use of AliExpress to locate items. AliExpress is a marketplace from China that delivers products to the USA. Each product is reviewed and has details from sellers. There are thousands of products available from different categories and they're willing to provide the goods to you. Browse the market, discover products you like and then add them to your shop. When you have a sale you will need to fill in the details of the buyer's contact number and they'll manage the delivery.

TikTok creators are able to showcase their products using short videos. People can see how to make money from the physical item through taking a look at the footage. A niche-focused profile will definitely aid you, but certain products are able to appeal to anyone, such as T-shirts, games, smartphones etc.

You can also make ads to promote your products. It is easy to determine your audience's demographics. TikTok ads are designed for those who wish to promote their product with the aid of this app. Keep in mind that TikTok is a more youthful user base as compared to other platforms, therefore we require products that cater to this particular audience.

11. Create an Email List

You can build your own landing page that includes an email form, and begin taking email address. It'll require an email marketing software like Aweber. It has basic web pages that include email forms, as well as an autoresponder. You can organize all your emails ahead of time, and then focus upon your video content.

You can include the URL to your landing page in your videos or include it on your profile. It is also acceptable to make videos that do not relate to your product. If you create some promotional videos each week, and the content is engaging and entertaining, you can increase your number of subscribers as you build the email lists.

An email list can generate revenue in multiple ways. You could use any of the techniques mentioned listed above. For instance, you could advertise your agency's affiliate marketing, offers as well as an online store or even find customers for companies. The greatest aspect is that an email list remains yours for the duration of time. TikTok is not in control of or guidelines regarding how you manage an email address.

An email list is more successful with a niche-focused group of people. If you are aware of the ways you can make money from it, making videos relevant to the subject of your list will increase your revenue and reach an appropriate target audience.

Can You Earn Money From TikTok?

Certain platforms have come up with ways to compensate its creators to create content. For instance, YouTube allows you to utilize Google AdSense, and Quora has developed a partnership program for people who answer questions. They also attract creators on other platforms that cannot monetize their content.

TikTok recognizes this and has launched an 200 million funding fund to the creators of the application. It's the best method of keeping the top influencers as well as help creators who have small audiences earn money.

Creators are able to submit an application for the fund. TikTok has strict specifications. Although the details aren't yet available the creators must be age 18 and and create unique content regularly and adhere to the guidelines of the platform.

How to Increase Your Viewership on TikTok

The various ways to earn money from TikTok are possible when you build your following and create content. If you plan to manage the accounts of others it is important to know how to manage them. Through the steps below, you'll learn the steps you need to do to create your own following:

Choose A Niche

Personal accounts are fantastic when you have fun as well as sharing them with acquaintances. They are able to become viral when there's something fascinating, but the possibilities of earning money through these accounts are very limited. However, that doesn't mean personal accounts aren't successful however accounts that concentrate on specific areas have better chances of attracting a devoted public and also to attract sponsored posts.

A niche is a subject or a group of people who are attracted by something. For instance, cooking could be an area of interest. A website that is focused on cooking will draw people who are passionate about this subject. If it expands it will be a magnet for companies who want to advertise cooking books, classes as well as kitchen equipment and everything else that is relevant.

If you have an passion or an activity that you excel at, it might be a great starting place. If you are already familiar with your area of expertise, you can avoid the learning curve for beginning.

Accounts that are focused on a particular niche immediately begin to create a highly relevant following. They are more likely to make money from their followers by promoting services or products rather than personal accounts that followers follow because they like the person they follow.

Create Your Profile

Profiles are the primary essential element of the TikTok account. When users view your content they'll look at your profile before deciding to follow you or not follow you. If your profile is unclear or isn't clear it could be lost to potential followers. If your profile doesn't work in the way you expect it is possible to change or modify it in the future.

TikTok requires contact information and a username each time you start the application. Your username must include your personal name or business name or something like these.

After that, you can add an image. An attractive image can make your entire account look more attractive. It can draw more attention and assist in marketing when you are trying to promote the product. If you've got multiple accounts on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat You can use the same image across all of them. A lot of your followers will recognize you by the photo.

Your bio should be clear and elegant and also attractive. You don't want any grammar mistakes or other information that isn't pertinent to your account. The account should include certain things about your company or about you.

Additionally, you could include an hyperlink in your bio. It is among the many methods of directing visitors to your website. Additionally, you can link your TikTok profile to other social media profiles. It is essential to make use of each of these options.

Know Your Audience

If you aren't aware of your audience, it'll not be simple to write high-quality content and create a following among the appropriate people. The revenue you earn will rise as you discover what your audience thinks and the things they are looking for from you. Although you can learn a lot of things from the process but you need to be able to answer a few important questions right from the start like the ones listed below:

  • Who is your ideal follower?
  • What are his/her demographics (age, location, education, income, etc.)?
  • Do they follow other accounts on TikTok?
  • What are their problems?
  • What are their dreams?
  • How can you help them to solve their problems?

Naturally, you could create your own questions to probe into the audience. These are only the most basic examples.

You can also look up other accounts in your industry that are doing well and look at the way they interact with the people you want to reach and the type of content they post.

Create High-Quality Content

The content is what determines the success you have in TikTok. You can find helpful tips and tricks online, however your followers will only view your content when they are satisfied with it. Nothing will force someone to consume poor-quality content.

Before you decide on how to create content that is of high quality it is easy to make videos, then publish them and see how people respond to them. It is also possible to watch other videos of others to get inspiration and to learn about the latest trends. Training will make you an expert creator in the future. TikTok is a platform for short video clips which are enjoyable and entertaining. This is exactly what you have to accomplish.

To publish high-quality content it is crucial to have a excellent lighting, either natural light from a windowsill or using artificial light

If you are publishing content on other social media platforms You must follow the same approach. You want your followers to know your message and the goals you are trying to accomplish. Your social media accounts are your identity and must be constant.

For instance, the top influencers working on different platforms use the same content on all platforms, and modify it for every platform. It's also possible to use other platforms to advertise your TikTok content, too.

Create Content Frequently

Regularly publishing content is essential. If you don't publish content after only a few posts, you'll not be able to reap the benefits of TikTok as creator. Regular posts are one of the fund's guidelines since those who consistently post achieve the best results. Many don't know why they need to have an agenda or post several times each week, however it is effective.

Your existing followers will be happy with your posts on a regular basis. They will know how frequently and at what times you post posts and will look forward to your next creations.

If you're looking to learn the most effective ways to create content, look up the top creators within your industry. They've already come up with the most efficient practices and applied the best practices. Every niche is unique So don't take advice from those who do not pertain to your market.

Typically, publishing several posts per week is a great place to start. It is always possible to find fresh content ideas and make videos. If you're stuck, try something popular or take inspiration from various platforms.

Best times to post on TikTok. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

Engage with Your Audience

This is a common practice for any social network. People love to follow and enjoy videos from other users who have active accounts on the platforms. Engaging on TikTok is when you interact with content shared by other users. You can follow their videos, like them or leave comments and upload content.

If you interact with your followers and build a following, it will increase. People will be grateful for your time and attention, and will want to give them back. A few of their followers and friends will be impressed by your efforts and want to do the same.

You can interact with your followers throughout the day. It's easy to sign in for twenty minutes, add some likes, and even leave some comments. 20 minutes of interaction per day equals two hours in a week, or 8 days per month. This will be an enormous difference when compared to those who only publish their content.

Add Hashtags To Your Videos

Hashtags are similar to keywords. They allow users to look up content they like , and also discover new profiles as a result of this method.

You'd like to be among your profiles which people find. TikTok provides you with enough space to create captions, which is the best platform for your hashtags. There are 100 characters available for your video, so make sure you make the most of the space. Some people use hashtags in comments, however captions with hashtags are more effective..

You can also design your own hashtags to challenge yourself. They're extremely frequent in TikTok and can assist to increase engagement on your account.

Use TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads could assist you in achieving results quicker however, they do cost you some additional money. They won't not substitute for regular and quality content blog posts but it could increase the number of views, increase traffic to your website or help you increase the number of people who visit your site.

You can decide on your own budget, and pick particular demographics. Thus, you can target a market who is interested in your area or product. TikTok lets you use in-feed ads to appear as native posts that appear on other users' feeds ads that highlight hashtag challenges and advertising for your brand. Numerous companies try various options before settling on the most effective option for their own businesses.


They are among the best ways to earn money on TikTok. You can utilize these to earn money on your existing account or to create an entirely new account to make use of them. In any case it is not necessary to have any knowledge of technology or expertise. If you can make videos and interact with your viewers and earn money, you'll earn.

But, you need to increase your following by focusing on the strategy that you decide to use. People who don't update their accounts are unable to gain traffic and get behind their competitors. Of course, it doesn't feel like work if like being actively engaged with TikTok.