Is it possible to make money on Medium? 7 Best Suggestions for 2022

 Have you ever wondered how some people can earn money by writing on Medium? It's not uncommon. There are numerous ways to earn money from your writing. 

In this article we'll help you figure out how to do it. Here are seven methods to earn money on Medium:

Is it possible to make money on Medium

1) Write posts for sponsored posts

Medium provides sponsored posts to writers. This means that you can write about a specific product or service to earn money.

You can share your top things for cash using Medium. It's possible that you don't have the time or energy to dedicate yourself to a full-time career however, you're seeking ways to earn money to supplement your income. 

Through sponsored posts on Medium you are able to share your thoughts and views and earn a fee while doing it! Another way to earn money through sponsored posts is

2) Earn money for your writing

Medium will pay you when your blog post is read an amount of reads or when someone clicks the share button located at in the middle of the article. 

A piece of writing can fetch anything from $5 to $25 per page read on Medium.

3) Be paid as columnist

Medium gives writers the chance to become columnists , and be money for their efforts. Columnists publish their work in Medium and the top ones are highlighted on the main page of the medium.

 They're also featured in other areas of the site, for instance, in stories with a lot of interest or with lots of engagement. Learn more about how to become a columnist by clicking here.

4) Provide consultation services

One of the most effective methods of earning money through Medium is to offer your consultancy services. If you have lots of experience in a particular field, you could offer the expertise of other companies and assist them in solving their issues. 

For instance, if you have experience with marketing or sales, then you can provide you services to businesses as an expert in online marketing. Also, if you have expertise in the creation of content and copywriting, then you can offer writing services for other companies.

There are many reasons why you have a website, however when you're not in the position to devote sufficient time and money to invest in this, you can provide the services of an author. 

You can be responsible for writing articles on any subject and then distributing them to various websites (such such as LinkedIn). There is always opportunities for content creators as everyone has content to share to post on their site!

5) Offer merchandise that is that are related to your brand

The best method to earn money from your content via Medium is to produce merchandise and then sell it.

If you've got a large following on Medium or you're able to earn your posts to receive a large number of shares and clicks then this could be a great method to earn money. It's not ideal to keep all of the earnings for yourself, so you can offer discounts or discounts to people who sign up to the mailing lists you have. 

You can use this opportunity to promote other products as well. If you develop tangible products like coffee mugs or T-shirts with your company's logo It's highly likely that customers will buy those products as well. When they purchase them you, they'll remember your brand each time they wear the t-shirt or drink from the cup.

6) Request donations or to raise funds

A great method to make money through Medium is soliciting the donations of others or by crowdfunding. It is possible to create an account with your best work and ask for users to make donations to support the content you've put out.

Many writers have been successful by using Patreon to earn money. There are several levels of membership. And as writers post more content, they are paid more per blog post.

Here are a few pointers to help you lay the groundwork for a successful crowdfund campaign:

Explain clearly what you're collecting funds for and why it's vital.

- Offer rewards that every amount of money you donate gets

- Create a short thank-you video once you have reached your goal.

7.) Create guest blog posts

Guest writing is an excellent opportunity to earn money. The Medium platform has helped make guest posting simple. If you're a good writer and you own your own blog that has an active audience, then you may offer the opportunity to write a guest blog on a blog of someone else's. 

It could be an arrangement that benefits both parties. The blogger will receive useful content, and you gain exposure to their readers.


In 2022, there's numerous ways to earn money on Medium! You can make money selling your essays and offer consulting services. You can also offer merchandise that is that are related to your brand, request contributions or crowdfunding, and even write guest articles. 

However, you must ensure it is on the best platform for your needs. Learn details about Medium, and decide if it's the best choice for your company.