Earn money online by playing free games

What work could be more rewarding than earning money online by playing games for no cost?

Who wouldn't love to earn some money from their home working at a desk while wearing their pajamas or even dressed in underwear?

Earn money online by playing free games

Yes, there is a chance of earning money by playing online and much more than we imagine.

You have to consider that around the globe there two billion internet players . They claim that by 2023, there will be over 3 billion.

It's not that simple.

Imagine the huge market you could be able to identify a niche in which it is possible to put your talents to use.

In this article, I'll discuss the most effective ways to earn money from games for no cost.

How do you earn money online by playing games for no cost?

The first thing to consider is that you'll need a connection to the internet and a device which could include a computer or laptop, a cell phone, mobile or tablet. There aren't any strict guidelines for this, however I'm going to declare that the most common devices are computers and laptop for obvious reasons.

As I mentioned earlier There are more than two million internet users around the world. This signifies it's more than one quarter of the population worldwide plays online games .

That's an immense market with endless possibilities and various niches, which is to say, different types of games.

In each type of games that allow you to win money, we will find hundreds of options and more.

This method of earning money playing can be best seen by examining the most significant ways or examples of this market.

This will give you an idea of what's happening "out", and maybe you'll be able to take part in one of these methods to earn money playing online.

1 On Youtube

The first reference could not be different from YouTube..

Making money through the gaming platform has become an integral part of online businesses and, more interestingly the gaming industry is among the major ones in this chain.

Yes, I knowthat YouTube isn't what it was in the past and a lot of its most influential influencers are no longer visible However, I believe it's crucial to recognize that it was perhaps the first place in which the most influential influencers were recognized as famous in the world of gaming.

In the world of Spanish, everyone has heard of the tales that tell of Rubius or Willyrex as well as many other.

In reality, I believe that, in the realm of influencers on the internet, the most known are those who work in the gaming industry and this speaks for itself.

Then "simple", create content about a subject associated with games, where you are the top authority.

It could be a local sport or even a global one. It could be streaming or just a comment on the tricks of it.

* If you're a specialist in a particular local game such as in the Spanish market It will probably not be long before you to become popular and, consequently, be able to negotiate excellent sponsorship agreements.

* If you wish to reach out to a large public or at the very least those who speak Spanish (500 millions) then you're going to need to be more efficient or maybe possess an exceptional talent that can make everything easier.

The method I mentioned earlier also applies to the other techniques I'm about to show you, which is the topic of specialization.

In essence, it is simpler to be successful by focusing on your area of expertise .

2 With Twitch

The platform was launched to take over YouTube on the ground where it is hurting particularly: gaming.

It was founded as a specialist for the streaming of games in an attempt to get the attention of the vast market.

Do you realize how crucial the idea of specialization is? even companies such as Twitch utilize it?

But, as the years pass by, of time, the platform has opened up to new possibilities, and there's space for new niches that go beyond gaming.

It is interesting to make money by playing Twitch?

If you can find it, it's.

Many of the most popular users of this program like Fornite Star Ninja, earn more than $100,000 each month on a monthly basis.

Which is the best option to be a winner with streaming?

It depends which one you enjoy the most. It seems that over the last few years, the fight was won by Twitch with increasing numbers of users.

3 With Facebook Gaming

The blue giant is also looking to enter the lucrative streaming market , and has set up an arm to tackle it, dubbed "Facebook Gaming". In the end, it will not afford to miss the huge number of people who are using his platform.

The basic principles for earning money streaming games are the same as the principles that are used by YouTube or Twitch in that you must be an expert in the game, engage in entertaining sessions, build an audience, then be awarded with sponsors, affiliates, direct sales or advertising from a. Product or service.

4 Compete in game tournaments

One of the strengths of online games since its inception was the interactivity between players.

It is no longer necessary to go to a venue for a tournament or table game.

It is now possible to join millions of users through a platform or an application and hold a contest to determine who is the top player.

There are tournaments on games such as Call of Duty, eSports World Convention, Fortnite World Cup, Dreamhack, League Of Legends World Championships and numerous others.

Are you able to make lots of money doing this?

It is possible to win huge prizes, but it's extremely difficult to win them. It's not simple to be the first person at the top of the list in Fortnite. Fortnite championship.

It's not one of the methods of earning income by playing. It is not something you can consider as a regular source of income, but instead as an option to earn additional cash through playing the game you're an expert.

Furthermore, I think the best chance you have for you in this area is by participating in these tournaments you can make your name recognized.

Are you able to imagine being on top in competition for a few years?

This way, you can establish yourself as a leader in your area and gain many people following you.

Another option is of organizing the event as a championship and attempt to secure sponsors.

It's a lot more difficult to do than it sounds but I'll say that tournaments require organizers as well, and they don't participate because they love art.

5. As a professional tester

You might not be aware of streaming and speaking to the camera.

A lot of people are shy or aren't at ease in front of a camera.

Don't fret there are other ways to earn money from games on the internet that don't require social abilities. One method is to try out games.

This is an opportunity to play games that haven't yet been released, or, if there is one been released, they are seeking ways to make improvements.

A fantasy for every player.

It's not an easy task to attain however, neither is any of the methods mentioned above honest.

There are numerous online gaming companies that are looking for testers. Some are more skilled and others less so. If you're lucky, you could find one that pays a decent amount. Furthermore, you might even be part of the company's team. You never know.

Here are some companies who are seeking testers from time-to-time:

• Ntry

• Blizzard (World of Warcraft) (find Blizzard jobs here )

• iGameLab

• Betabound

• Beta Family

• Android Central Forum

• Modsquad

6. Make money playing on free websites (minigames)

In recent years, numerous sites have been created to offer games for free online that may even offer prizes.

They're also known as the sites where you can earn money by playing minigames since their games are more simple than the more intricate games we find playing on PC as well as the Play Station, and so on.

They function similarly similar to faucet or survey pages. In other words, you can earn money from these sites, but it's not a strategy by which you should be expecting to make a substantial amount or on a consistent basis. You can forget that.

If you're one of those who loves to play while in the process, also win an award, it could be an excellent idea.

Many of you are familiar with the names of these businesses, which I have stated are highly popular across many countries, and utilized for millions across Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and basically all of Latin America.

The most significant are:

* Bananatic is a company that specializes in testing and downloading games with prizes that could be in cash.

* Gamehag Gamehag: website dedicated exclusively to games. It is one of the biggest on the market and offers numerous options for gamers for both games and themes.

* Winner Website that allows players to play games and make bets on the go for free. You can also pay with Bitcoin.

* Betsim games page, which is specialized in betting on sports for free (by name, it's easy to figure out) If you win bets you collect points which you can exchange in the future for prizes, and you can also charge Paypal.

* GoalTycoon If you're interested in the soccer world, this is among the most popular alternatives. You can build your own virtual team and win rewards.

* King of Prizes Generalist Online PPC page where aside from tasks and surveys, there is many games and contests

* Maximiles Survey page includes a section dedicated to games. They also offer points which can later be exchanged for prizes, either in cash or with free cards.

This is only a small selection of businesses that are allowed to take part for free and also to make a few extra dollars, euros, or cents.

7 Make money playing with Apps

There are a growing number of applications that allow you to earn money by playing online. In a time which mobile usage is the top pastime that is an issue of time before the majority of people started making use of apps for everything, including games.

Like websites there are a variety of apps that let us play for free and earn rewards in return.

The most significant within the field are:

• LuckStatic

• GameHag

• FunTap

• Cashyy

• Solitaire cub

• Bananatic

• Brain battle

• Big Time Cash

How to make money online without playing games

So far, I've told you about the websites that you can sign up for free and earn money from a game.

There are also other ways of earn money at home that are based on games however you don't need to play regularly or at the very least, not frequently.

The ways to earn money from games are fascinating because they could turn into extremely lucrative careers.

Let's look at a few of them.

8. Create a website related to videogames

It is possible to create a website which is entirely based upon video game. It could be an online forum, a blog or forum, a website for products or even a mixture of those things , or anything else that you can think of.

In reality, by with a website that is relevant to your niche will be able to reach a lot of people, which means that you'll also have the possibility to make money from the content.

The games' content is more suited to a video format, however there is a huge public, particularly adults, seeking out more information. This information is typically better delivered in written form.

A website that is similar to this could be a basic review page, where you can compare the top games within a specific niche or across a variety of different niches.

It's not as straightforward as it was ago in the past, when there wasn't as much competition, however there is no doubt that it's possible to break into a niche area that isn't being tapped.

9. Sell retro games

Maybe you've been a game lover from the time you were a kid and now you own a lot of them, specifically those that actually work and that's tabletop.

If yes, consider selling them as there may be buyers willing to pay lots of money for certain objects that have been produced.

The same is true for items like older consoles and other products that are associated with the industry. Imagine you own an old Game Boy in good condition. Maybe there are some willing to offer you a decent amount for it.

One way to expand this into a bigger business is to search for old-fashioned games and items in second-hand shops in your area, or on websites that offer them at a lower cost than other brands, so you can purchase the items and then sell them at a higher prices in your online store.

The place where items similar to this can be sold is the famous eBay

10. Sell gaming equipment

With the amount of games available I can say that there is a huge market of the tools needed to play games is huge.

Does it sound like the people who develop Amazon affiliate sites ?

So, this is what happens.

Imagine an activity in your country that is played by over 1 million players. If an item like glasses or gloves is required to play the game, then is a huge market to explore.

In the event that you adapt this concept to several games, you may discover some interesting niche markets. You might even consider selling these devices directly, depending on what's more convenient.

11. Video game journalist

As a journalist, you could concentrate on creating content around videogames, both visually as well as in writing.

The need for good written content is high and a lot of large corporations are seeking professional writers who have specific expertise, whether in writing or web content specialists (SEO) or in games.

You could have an YouTube channel or website. If you collaborate with other media or individuals who are interested in this subject it is possible to develop a related business or engage you through one when they've observed your work.

12 Game Developer

This way, we are not continuously playing games. In reality, we're paid to create the games.

This means we'll need to have a solid programming background and perhaps experience in application development.

It could also be an advantage to know that you're an avid gamer because there's nothing better than becoming a consumer of something and being able to design items that are most appropriate to the demands of the market.

The earnings you can earn with this occupation are extremely expensive, particularly if we choose to work in the most advanced countries like those in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany or Austalia.

Ways to monetize and earn real money playing

Free play is fine however, it is even better if you can get an actual amount of money right?

This is what this article is all about.

We have already observed the strategies of platforms, websites and platforms to make money playing mostly online.

However, it is essential to study in greater specific about these techniques in order to be able to deposit money in a genuine way.

Let's take a look.

1. With ads

This is the most straightforward method and is accessible on all platforms online beginning, of course with YouTube as well as Google.

Youtube is perhaps the most well-known instance. The platform earns us money through the views we get to our videos.

Let's take a look at an example

There is a channel for gaming that receives approximately 20,000 people visiting each day.

If YouTube gives us approximately forty cents per visit We can calculate that for 20,000 visits , we might receive 8 dollars or euros. It is dependent on whether you live in Spain or Mexico (remember that this is an example and isn't true and is only to provide you with an impression) .

If we were located in Spain this would mean the equivalent of 240 euros per month.

This isn't a big issue it's not much, but less than nothing.

The most important thing is to identify topics that are more lucrative or are less competitive , so instead of receiving the same number of visits per day, you could receive 200,000.

2. With associates

Affiliates are a familiar face in the world of online gaming and the gaming industry.

There are numerous companies with affiliate programs.

Affiliates function in this manner: we contact gaming firms or even companies who specialize in games. We join our affiliate programs.

On your website, YouTube channel, Instagram and Telegram or Pinterest you can post articles about the games, as well as advertise affiliate hyperlinks. If users visit those websites and make a purchase such as a game or a game, they will pay you an amount of commission.

It is generally true that you could earn more through affiliates than advertising, however, you must focus your efforts on the job more.

It's even better when we are influencers that have gained the confidence of thousands of fans as this means they'll adhere to our suggestions, which will result in higher earnings through affiliate marketing.

3. Through sponsorship

Perhaps we should have put it at the top of this list because it's brutal in the gaming world particularly when you've been a influencer.


We suppose that we have an online channel that has games with 100,000 customers.

One day , a gaming company calls us and informs us that to promote it, they will pay us 200 euros per video that we make as an advertisement.

This is the main theme.

This is a fairly straightforward example, yet the number of cases that could be handled in this field are quite high.

4. With their own products

In other industries, it's easy to design products that sell. Consider the market of SEO internet marketingsales, "make money" and more. There are those who sell books and courses as hotcakes.

In the gaming industry it's slightly harder to locate the kind of items you need however, if you knock on the forehead, your brain may be able to think of something.