13 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online Fast

With the advent of the internet, gives you the chance to earn quick cash working at the comfort of your home. The internet is not just fundamentally changing our lives... yet it also alters the way people earn their money today.

13 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online Fast


Stephen Covey presented this concept of the 'Inside-Out method in his bestselling book , 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The strategy of 'Inside-Out' means that private triumph precedes public triumph. Before we can improve our relationships with others we need to strengthen our relations with ourselves.

Following Covey’s strategy,advice You should conduct some soul-searching before you do anything else. Consider the depths of your soul, examine yourself and determine your strengths and skills. In the next step you must look into the issue of how to make instant money from an external (online) the world.

Learn How to Make Money Instantly
Learn How to Make Money Instantly

In the pursuit of earning cash online in a hurry many people forget the fact that evaluation of capabilities and skills is the most crucial aspect. Therefore, you should perform the following 3 steps to conduct soul-searching.

  • Make a list of three to five things you believe you are good at.
  • Make a list of 3 to 5 tasks that you enjoy and are passionate about.
  • Discuss with your family and friends to find out what they think you’re good at.


The aim of this post is to outline the ways for earning money online that aren't only legal but also enable you to earn instant cash. This is the 13 simple methods to earn cash online in a matter of minutes.

1. Test Websites And Earn Money Fast

This is an innovative concept where you sign up as a test subject on various platforms. The company sends you tasks. You must visit their website or mobile applications to check out its themes, pages, and evaluate the effectiveness of the site and then write down your opinions about it.

These reviews can be beneficial to businesses. They can take the necessary steps and enhance their site or app prior to launching it to the public.

The three best companies offering the services mentioned above are:

User Testing – The company pay $10 for a 20-minute test; between $30 to $120 for a live interview

User Lytics – You can earn $5 to $50 for a 10 to 20-minute task.

Try My UI – Standard rate of $10 per test

2. Become An Online Tutor

Earn Money Online Fast

Learn anythingat any time anyplace is the mantra of the 21st century. Internet and other innovative tools open the new age of education and learning.

Not just the limits on distance and time are gone and old-fashioned degrees aren't longer needed. If you're knowledgeable and have knowledge in any area, you can begin earning money immediately without having the need for a university or college degree. In addition, you could earn money by teaching students around the world.

The three best websites to make money as a tutor are:

Cheg Tutors – Earn up to $20 per hour

Udemy – Record and upload your own courses to this site having 10 million visitors

Preply – You set your own rates (average $15 – $25 per hour)

3. Give Your Opinion and Earn Cash

When you take survey sites, you can give your opinion, express your thoughts and receive points which can be used to purchase in the future. There are many companies conducting market research all over the globe and require data to develop new products or to improve existing ones.

The issue of online survey sites is a lot of survey sites are not legitimate and do not pay their participants. After hours of research I came across the following three websites that are the most reliable.

Swag Bucks – 30 to 50 Points Per Survey (100 SB = $1)

Branded Surveys – 50 to 500 Points Per Survey (100 Points = $1)

4. PTC (Paid-to-Click) Sites

The name suggests that you'll earn money when click on a particular box after you have completed a basic task. You first join these PTC websites and then you'll have to look at ads or read emails . Then, make a click after it's done and you'll earn points.

Since the work is simple and straightforward it's not very lucrative. extravagant.

The top 3 PTC websites are:

5. Write Articles And Make Money Instantly

Do you feel elated when you get the chance to write something? It shows your enthusiasm for writing.

Let me ask you 2 simple questions.

Do you have the ability to write an essay comprising 700-1000 words about a particular topic?

Google can provide the necessary information, and then write about the subject?

If you can answer both of these questions is "Yes I'll felicitate you for the promising future online is in store for you!

Similar to any other occupation When you're just starting out you make a small amount ($10 to $20 per post) However, as time passes, you'll increase your profile and with years of experience, you can earn high rates.

The 3 best sites where you can earn through your words are:

iWriter – $6.48 for a 700-word article for writers at Premium level

Text Broker – $10 for 1000 word blog post for 3-Star writer

Scripted – $20 – $25 for a standard blog post of 500 words

6. Recieve Checks From Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk

The first thing that pops into my mind after I learned about it is "What is this Amazon Mechanical Turk?'

After some digging I discovered that Amazon has launched a new initiative to meet the needs of businesses who require many workers for small tasks. These are the kinds of microtasks where require human involvement since human beings can do them better than computers.

Some of them involve translating text, identifying particular objects in photographs and writing restaurant reviews. surveys.

Click here to gain access to: Amazon Mechanical Turk

Alongside Amazon Mechanical Turk, there are numerous other methods you can earn passive revenue from Amazon.

7. Sell Your Photos to Earn Fast

Are you a photographer and have a collection of stunning photographs? You could consider uploading these images to websites for stock photography which could provide an income stream that is passive monthly earnings for your.

These are the 3 top websites for stock photography.

Shutterstock – At level 1, the company pays a 15% commission each time a customer downloads your image or video.

Foap – 50% commission on each photo sold.

Image Kind – You set your commission (markup) which will be added to the base price. (Sale Price = Base price + Your markup)

8. Become a Virtual Assistant

Due to the growth of social media there's a huge increase in the need of virtual assistants. If you are a virtual assistant you can earn cash online while you are at home.

The tasks given to virtual assistants are the posting of posts on social networks, managing SEO accounting, bookkeeping, customer service and many more.

According to PayScale according to PayScale, the hourly rate for a novice VA is $15. This could increase to $40 an hour with prior experience.

How do you acquire the first customer as virtual assistant?

You can increase your visibility by with Linkedin

Join similar Facebook groups

Join job boards on the internet (Just Remote and VA Networking)

Freelance websites (Upwork, Guru, People Per Hour)

Virtual Assistant Networks (Hire My Mom, Virtual Assistant)

9. Share Your Space

If you've got an empty space in your home You can either lease it out or share it out to earn cash immediately.

Photographers and artists are seeking areas for their studios darkroom, photo studio. It is possible to rent rooms in a basement, garage storage spaces, maybe parking space.

In the present era of gig economy, a variety of websites and platforms have been developed to connect buyers and sellers. These are the top 3 alternatives.

10. Write an eBook to Earn Passive Income

Write an eBook to Earn Passive Income

Examine your knowledge and understanding. A lot of times, we are unaware of our abilities and fall into the trap of thinking that there's nothing unique in it.

My friend took Economics as an academic major at college, and he loved economics and its theories more than anything else. When I suggested that he create an ebook about the subject and upload it to Amazon and he began making jokes in response to my suggestion. His snarky expressions suggested that he thought 'It's impossible It's impossible!

Don't make the same mistake of my friend. Never overestimate your abilities and knowledge. How to earn money immediately is no longer an issue for you. then

If you've got expertise in any field or have the skills to complete work in a more efficient method, or have or have other talents, you should consider creating an ebook about the subject (40 or 60 pages is sufficient).

You can sell it on Amazon Kindle Publishing (hardcover or ebook) Set its price and the market it is targeting and you'll be able to start earning money right away.

Another possibility is publishing low-content books through Amazon. For detailed instructions on can be used to publish your book through Amazon KDP, read this article.

11. Etsy - Your New ATM

Etsy is a marketplace worldwide for creative and unique items.

If you love making crafts, painting or drawing, or even jewelry making You should sign up for an account with Etsy and then sell your handmade items.

Because Etsy is an online marketplace, millions of users visit Etsy with the intention of shopping and purchase items they like.

As per SEM Rush, about 266 million users go to the Etsy website every month. There is a high chance to make money immediately here.is the leading marketplace worldwide for original and unique items. It's the home of a variety of amazing items, ranging including hand-crafted items to vintage treasures.

12. Work As Freelancer

A freelancer is someone who is self-employed and offers his services to a variety of clients. He isn't forever a part of a single business for the earnings.

Since the advent to the web, freelance work is booming and is thought to be an opportunity to earn a handsome sum while working at home from the comfort of your the home.

Whatever abilities and talents you have There are hundreds and thousands of people across the globe who are looking for the services only you are able to provide. There is always a constant need for freelancers.

There are many websites that let clients from all over the globe post their requests and freelancers are able to offer their ideas and rates in response to these requests. If the client chooses you, you must to finish the task within the specified timeframe and get the money.

The three most well-known freelance platforms are:

13. Create Videos to Make Money Online

Choose a subject and you'll be able to find plenty of videos about the subject. There are videos being made on..

  • Microsoft Word
  • Power Point
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Parenting
  • Teaching English
  • Cooking
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Sciences (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
  • News Channel
  • Sports

Nowis your time to discover your talents Write the script, create videos . You can earn immediately.

There are two questions that require clarification.

The first thing that pops into your mind is whether creating video content is a skilled task , but how do you accomplish it?

There are numerous questions that relate to this too. What tools do I should purchase to make videos? Are they costly? How do you record and edit videos?

Let me show you with the fact that you don't require all of it or at least not in the beginning. To simplify things there are only three things.

1. The script of the video (write the specifics of the topic you'd like to discuss).

2. Videos (go on Pexels and Pixabay to download video clips with copyright-free relevant to your specific niche).

3. A video program (go in to Invideo and insert your script along with clips, then edit them however you'd like, then your movie will be finished in just twenty minutes).

The third problem is how do you make money immediately by making videos.

YouTube monetization isn't an option in this case since it is time-consuming (4000 hours of watching plus 1,000 subscribers) and we'd like to earn money instantly.

The alternative we're focusing on in this article could be affiliate marketing. Google for paid courses or products that relate to your area of expertise and then apply to affiliate programs. Include this affiliate link in the text of the article. If someone buys the course or item through your affiliate link, you'll receive an immediate commission.

Final Words

Do not make the same error that 99.99 percent of people make! That is, they take on multiple hustles and activities at one time to earn more money quickly!

This can derail your efforts and produce nothing!

As an acquaintance, I suggest you to start the process by going through step one, i.e. the Inside-Out Approach and to not overlook it.

In the next step, you must research thoroughly through all thirteen Side Hustlesand pick only one. Yes, ONLY ONE! Choose the one that is most compatible with your interests and skills.

Concentrate on one area and dedicate at least a month or two on this task. Do not switch to the next in a rush. It will not work!

Give your chosen method some time to grow and you will provide you with the desired outcomes - earning cash immediately!