How to Make Money on Twitch (2022)

Twitch is a social media platform designed for gamers. It is a place where gamers can stream their games, and many gamers grow their fan base. 

Twitch has more than 26 million daily viewers in 2020. When you have an online community, then you are able to make ads or sell items.

Today, you will learn how to earn money on Twitch in 2021. This guide will cover three major categories. You'll learn how to stream on Twitch and also how to earn more views and followers and finally, how to monetize your channel. If you tie them all together, you'll have a complete plan.

How to Make Money on Twitch (2022)

 How To Get Started On Twitch

This is the first step in the setup of your account. It is possible to begin by making an account on Twitch account. If you do not have an account, you may observe streams, but it doesn't allow users to take part in conversations or to create channels of your own. 

It's free to sign up for your account, and then download the Twitch application to aid you with the process.

Twitch recommends the use of a two-step authentication and confirming the guidelines that the network follows. It is best to follow these steps to avoid any security issues or bans.

After that, you are able to begin creating your channel. Before beginning your streams you will need to add a great photo, write down a couple of sentences, and then check the settings. It appears to be an online social network at that aspect that must be created an appealing profile.

You already know which console you'll be using to play games. Twitch lets you stream on any gaming platform as well as your personal computer. If you own an Xbox or PlayStation or Xbox it is necessary to connect these devices to Twitch. This is also true when you play games on your PC.

Basic streaming equipment requires a microphone and camera. A good microphone to use with Twitch is the Blue Yeti X. If you are looking for cameras, look at Logitech C922.

The final step is downloading and install the broadcasting software. Twitch offers its own program under the name Twitch Studio. After you've completed the above steps and you have the equipment in place and you're ready to stream, you can begin streaming. 

While anyone is able to stream on Twitch however, the main goal is to increase followers and views before you can earn profits.

How do you gain followers and views?

1. Learn Your Game

Twitch has a large audience of gamers who are passionate about their games. They love the entertaining streams and the skilled games. You'll be able to make interesting streams through knowledge, but the next portion is up to you.

Before beginning stream-streaming, it is a good idea to play around with your game. If it's a brand new game for you, it'll require more time to master. A majority of viewers will know that you know the game.

One of the advantages of playing games to earn earning money is the fact that you can get strategies and concepts all over the place. You can see the streams of other streamers or discover Youtube videos or participate in discussions with gamers on forums. If you come across a fresh idea or method you could try it before presenting it to your audience on your stream.

Part of your job is to introduce something brand new the people you are watching. A lot of them would like to know how to play better at playing. If you keep doing the same thing every day the players will become bored. Learn and test different things on your channels, just ensure that you've practiced them before.

2. Play Games Without Much Competition

The optimal scenario is to go all out in games with lots of viewers, and not having any competitors. However, games that draw a lot of viewers draw the interest from other television stations.

It is important to strike the perfect equilibrium between viewing and competing. If you are starting an entirely new channel, you should try to stay clear of areas that are crowded that have too many players. It's easy to get lost in the plethora of players. 

Therefore, it is more beneficial to have a few views rather than having no views at all. Here are two suggestions for selecting a game:

Select games that aren't as popular. This is the most effective method to begin gaining followers and views immediately. You'll avoid a lot of confusion that is associated from the top games. 

If you are the one to dominate a game but have fewer viewers then you'll be more successful than 95% of presenters that are broadcasting on Twitch.

Select games you are skilled at Your skill will impact your perception. The Twitch users will always be able to find the top gamers earlier or later. An extremely skilled player faces the advantage of having less competition as only a handful of people are able to be as skilled.

3. Talk During Your Stream And Avoid Silence

Some streamers who are just beginning their careers don't like to chat in their streams. It's not comfortable for them, and they prefer to play in silence. 

But silence isn't able to create an emotional connection between the streamer and user. Your silence will impact your followers, views, and even monetization strategies in the future.

There is always a need to speak about your channels. It doesn't matter if you're not sure how to speak. It is possible to explain the reasons behind why you are doing it. 

This is what your audience wants to hear. When you become more comfortable, you'll be able to do better on this aspect as well. Only way to test your skills of speaking during the stream is to speak.

There are people on Twitch who do not want to remain on streams without comments. There are also fewer opportunities to solicit followers and comments or even the opportunity to announce your next stream. If you do not talk directly to viewers your only means to communicate is via live chat.

4. Ask Your Friends To Watch Your First Streams

When you first start to gain followers and views It can take time. This is fine since you'll build your streaming abilities through this procedure. However, you should get your first viewers quickly.

Twitch monitors the number of viewers it has and displays them in the videos. They can be seen by anyone. This is why you must begin with something that is better than nothing. If you encourage your friends to watch your videos, the amount will rise. 

You don't need to be on the display all day long. They can switch it to silent and do what they like. However, they could also improve your opinions and assist you.

In the beginning, Twitch displays on its top positions the streams that have the highest views. If you can invite several people to join your stream, you will improve your position on the game and be more prominent on Twitch. Be aware that your posts will be viewed by more people.

It's a form of manipulation of your data however it doesn't harm you since you are inviting real users. Twitch enjoys bringing more users on its platform.

5. Get The Maximum From The Chat

Twitch is an interactive platform. The majority of users are on the chatroom to discuss their thoughts as well as to give feedback or express their frustration when they aren't happy with something. Others respond to them and the conversation continues running. As streamers, you have to make use of the chat feature in your favor.

A few active viewers are worth more than thousands of passive viewers. The discussion will encourage viewers to leave comments , and it will also attract more followers and views.

There is no secret to get more chats on the chat. It is essential to speak to your viewers, ask them questions and discover ways to interact with them. If they ask questions, you are able to respond to questions and add value to the conversation.

It's not easy to remain in the chat room while playing games. Therefore, you should be able to chat with people during breaks or check the chat whenever you can.

It is also possible to use chatbots to announce events and for answering frequently asked questions. Chatbots can moderate the chat and is counted as a user. It is essential to ensure that your chat is active and to add a second viewers at the beginning.

6. Find The Best Hours To Stream For Your Channel

The game selection is crucial because it influences your competitors. However, the hours you stream can increase or reduce the competitors as well. You only compete with streamers who are present when you stream live. You don't need to worry about what other streamers do when you're offline.

When players change their stream times in addition, they change their competitors. This means you'll be less likely to gain an audience if you are streaming during at times that are busy. If you decide to stream at times with smaller channels, you'll see more viewers even if you have the introduction of a new channel.

Twitch is a social media platform which is always populated with viewers. The number of viewers increase or decrease throughout the day based on the hour of the day. The major streamers usually follow the hours that attract the largest audience. But, they stay clear of weekends, late-night hours or early-morning hours. This is the most ideal time for anyone who is a brand new account to stream.

You can experiment with different times and discover how they affect your channel. However, if you're seeking a method to increase viewers quickly, then you need to stream at night and at dawn. If you can build an audience then you are able to go to the peak hours and compete against the biggest household names.

7. Stream Every Day

Twitch streamers need to stream to increase views and followers. It's natural to think that the longer you keep streaming the more people will find your streamers. It may take some time, but eventually you will soon start to gain more followers and views. Daily streaming is the best method to get the most growth.

When you start streaming frequently people will begin to expect that you stream and will wait for them to watch. Even if you have no followers, you will get followers who would like to see all your videos.

In the final step, you can make a announcement about the hours that you will stream in the coming week or days. This will allow people who are interested in viewing your content to login at the appropriate time. 

If you're not sure about the coming weeks, you could pick the next day. The people who enjoy your stream will be watching your announcements.

8. Write Interesting Titles

If you're on the Twitch page and are under the category you are in there are a variety of channels right next to you. One way you can draw Twitch viewers' attention to these pages is to provide an engaging title. If your titles are boring similar to the majority of channels are on Twitch the majority of users will switch to other channels.

These titles are interesting and highlight things people would like to look at. They may refer to an achievement or a challenge, or something special. The titles could also contain an assurance about the things you'll achieve.

Finally, the title could be an invitation to help. For instance, you could compose "help to me to reach 1000 followers" or "help me learn that game". These titles sound more engaging rather than just talking about the game. If you have any prizes or giveaways the title should begin with them too.

9. Share Your Stream On YouTube

A lot of people look up video clips on YouTube rather than Twitch. It's easier to locate what they are looking for by using the search bar. They might be looking to solve an issue in gaming or look for suggestions. You can also receive traffic from a different crowd when you post your videos to YouTube.

In the event that you have followers, they could find streams that they haven't seen on YouTube. They can earn an income that is passive through YouTube ads.

The most efficient method to start using YouTube is to record your YouTube streams. You can record your streams using any screen recorder that you wish as well as your microphone. When uploading your videos you can alter your titles and alter the titles to match YouTube and other keywords. For instance, you could write a description of how to beat an exact difficulty or game level in your game.

You can begin to grow the size of your Twitch Channel and YouTube channels simultaneously. In some instances it is possible that a YouTube channel can expand quicker and bring users to Twitch. This does not require additional effort as uploading videos to YouTube is not a lengthy process that takes only a couple of minutes.

10. Promote Your Channel On Social Media

It is fairly easy to gain some followers through social media accounts to Twitch or YouTube channels. To gain followers and views on social media is an alternative strategy. However, you can stay with the basics and still gain views and traffic for your social media channel.

The most obvious step is to set up some social media accounts. Choose any platform you like, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. These platforms let you include an image, create an introduction to your channel and also add an URL for the Twitch channel.

Then, you can post posts that highlight the most popular moments on your channels and take screenshots or upload short videos. Social media is a place where people might be able to check out your videos. It's a great idea to use a few hashtags to bring in more viewers.

Finally, you must make it clear when you will broadcast via social networks. A few people might view your posts and then check your page. By following these tips, you'll begin to gain followers and visitors on any platform.

11. Participate In Gaming Forums and Reddit

There are a variety of gamers online. Join the forums and Facebook group and subreddits to discover additional games. There are numerous benefits for streamers who are part of in these communities.

The primary benefit is that they receive the news about their particular niche. You can also discover the people who are your ideal customers. It is possible to monitor the conversations of your viewers to find out their concerns and what they'd like to see on your stream. 

This can help you become a better broadcaster of your live stream. You'll be more familiar with the language they use and the type of comments they are looking for.

Additionally, you can direct users to the Twitch channel. These communities let you add signature links, set up profiles, or simply broadcast your streams. Be sure to check the rules and regulations of each community before you post any hyperlinks. A large number of members from these groups will help your channel if you're active members.

12. Do Giveaways

You can offer a contest on Twitch and other social media. In both instances, the aim is to gain more followers and increase engagement with the Twitch channel. Twitch offers a unique feature that you can only use to give away prizes. You can decide on the prize and rules.

If you decide to create a giveaway on social media, you have to create the giveaway by hand. It is your responsibility to establish the rules, as well as the desired actions, and also the prize. For both Twitch as well as on social media, you can offer something as simple as an $20 gift card. 

People are awestruck by freebies and will be following you to earn gift cards. Draw a raffle to determine the winners.

It is possible to start by offering a small prize to understand the procedure and then check the outcomes. However, big giveaways get more attention. You can, for instance, offer consoles, games and other equipment. Consider these possibilities when you begin earning cash to increase your visibility.

How To Make Money On Twitch

1. Donations

Twitch lets us give money for other streaming sites. This feature was available since the very beginning of Twitch and remains an excellent option. Gaming fans are passionate and appreciates great streaming. Therefore, they would like to give streamers a reward.

You can make donations using you PayPal account. If you already have an account with PayPal, you are able to create your own link or Paypal Donation button. Both allow your users to make donations.

The only drawback to getting donations to be the scammers and trolls who are present on Twitch. Sometimes, you can receive an offer for very small or huge amounts after which the donor is unable to complete the transaction. There is nothing you can do to prevent these events from happening and can be extremely frustrating. The only option to do is sit and wait till the cancellation period is finished and then make use of the money.

If you are looking to increase the number of donations you receive There are several things you can implement:

  • Set goals: You can set a goal to buy new equipment with your viewers’ donations. You can show the progress and make them feel involved.
  • Mention the donations on your title: You can write a title that mentions the goal or the top donations of the day. It will motivate some users to participate.
  • Add notifications: You can add a notification on each donation. Your viewers will see your reactions and will be happy to participate in the stream.
  • Thank your donors: If you thank your donors, you will motivate more people to make a new donation.
  • Create a hall of fame: A hall of fame with the highest donations will create a competition between viewers. Some of them will be willing to get on the hall of fame and make huge donations.

2. Affiliate Links

You can sign up to an affiliate program and recommend products that are part of this program. If a customer decides to purchase a item through your affiliate link you could receive a percentage. Therefore, you only need to recommend other people's products in order to earn commissions.

An excellent Affiliate program that streamers can benefit from is that of the Amazon Affiliate Program. You can join free and begin sharing gaming-related products. You can suggest games, consoles, accessories, equipment, etc. Naturally, you have to recommend high-quality products you will use. It's not worth losing you credibility by suggesting random items to get commissions.

You may also include affiliate links to your YouTube channel as well as social media profiles. But, you must make sure that you do it in a judicious manner. If you place too much emphasis on your marketing this could be a turnoff for your subscribers and followers.

3. Sell Customized Merchandise

Customized merchandise may include mugs, t-shirts and even a mug with the name that you have created for the channel. A lot of big name streamers use this approach. Most often, they include the link to an external website on which they can sell their merchandise.

This strategy can be successful in the beginning if you establish a reputation for you Twitch channel. It is possible to create a stunning logo, come up with an intriguing name, and come up with some interesting or funny phrases you could use on your channels. The goal is to use these mantras as well as that of the stream frequently to ensure it is well-known.

After that, you can set up your own online shop. You'll need an account on Shopify It operates as an online store building tool with templates and pre-designed pages. You can upload your own products and skip all the technical issues.

When you've just opened an account, it's not simple to generate sales using this method. It's crucial to take your time and keep your account growing. If you have a large number of followers and engagement and followers, you can begin to suggest your services. As you build an online reputation on Twitch your brand will grow well-known and more customers will purchase your products.

4. Get Sponsorships

If you are a popular figure and are able to influence others certain companies may be attracted to promoting their products to the people you are able to influence. It's the same thing happening on social media, where influencers endorse products of sponsors.

It is the first thing to do: build an extensive following. It's difficult to secure sponsorships even with an uninspiring following and you should consider a different option at the beginning. If you think your channel is adequate it is possible to sponsors on a different platform.

The products you promote will be targeted that are geared towards gamers Therefore, your sponsors will be selling appropriate products. These include gaming consoles computer systems, laptops, accessories gaming forums, gaming websites phones, etc. Any item that is connected to gaming can be suitable to be a hit with your customers.

5. Tournament Winnings

There are tournaments for players with different prizes. If you believe you're a skilled player, you could use the account on your Twitch account to participate in different tournaments and even join teams. It's not an easy task to choose that option as it requires a high level of game-playing skills.

But, you can also organize home tournaments , or join platforms for less money. You can then stream these games on your computer or create special streams that describe the events. The tournaments are enjoyable and fiercely competitive. It is possible to join in and share your experiences even the odds of winning aren't great.

Join The Twitch Affiliate Program and Partner

Twitch offers an affiliate program available to streamers on the platform. If you are an affiliate, you'll be able to increase the revenue of your channel and boost the amount of money you earn. These are the conditions:

  1. Have at least 500 minutes broadcast in the last 30 days (less than 20 minutes a day)
  2. Have at least seven unique broadcast days in the last 30 days
  3. You need an average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days.
  4. Have at least 50 followers
  5. The partner program is for those who level up from the affiliate program

In the event that you take the steps for increasing views you will be able to meet these objectives. Make sure you're an active streamer. It might take some time to get to 50 followers since you will need to try out the waters at the beginning. If you sign up to this affiliate scheme, you'll be able to earn cash using the following ways.

1. Twitch Bits

Twitch bits are essentially donations from the users. But, they don't contribute money directly, but instead pay Twitch via Amazon as well as Paypal. In turn, Amazon pays a percentage of the revenue for the streaming service.

Viewers can utilize Twitch bits to take part in chats, earn badges, purchase emotes and receive Cheer messages. It is also possible to set the minimum amount of bits required to receive Cheer messages in order to keep spammers out.

The basic principle behind Twitch bits is that users are able to support the streamer in a positive and interactive way. This strategy won't be effective if your viewers do not enjoy your stream.

2. Twitch Subscriptions

Once you are an Twitch partner, the channel displays as a subscribe button for your viewers. Subscribers can pay $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 per month. It's a great method to earn regular income that builds up over time. Twitch is earning 50% of this revenue which is a decent amount. But it's worth it, even with the commissions paid to Twitch.

Streamers can make alerts to make it easier for viewers to subscribe. After they sign up to your channel, their username will appear across the display. They join your channel because they wish to be a part of your team and are thrilled seeing their username appear on your channel.

3. Sell In-Game Items and T-shirts

If you play a game to sell on Twitch or have game-related items that you are selling, viewers will be able to see a sales box beneath the video. If someone purchases anything that you sell, you will earn an additional 5% of the sale. Twitch offers t-shirts viewers can purchase.

The method can be compared to the sale of custom products. You sell the items from Twitch instead of your own product. The advantage is that you don't have to build an online store and developing an item. But, you only get 5 percent of the work. If you are selling products through the shop you run, you are able to keep all of the profits.

Videos Ads

If you're an official Twitch partner and you are a Twitch partner, you can turn on video advertisements. It's the most straightforward method of earning money on Twitch since there is no configuration on your side. You decide when you'll show ads as well as the length. The cost of ads can vary in between $2 and $1 per 1000 views.

There are three kinds of advertisements (pre-roll mid-roll, post-roll or post-roll ads) and the amount you earn will increase or decrease based on the time of the year. For instance, you may anticipate higher rates during the day of Christmas or Black Friday because there are more advertisers.

However, a lot of viewers do not like ads. The majority of them don't wish for their content to be interrupted, and so many streamers choose to avoid this option , even if they works with alternative methods.


These are the steps you could follow to earn money from Twitch. The first step is to establish your channel, acquire the appropriate equipment, and increase your following. 

After that, you'll be able to select the most effective options to make money from your channel. There are numerous options to increase views and earn money.